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V-Hive Radio's Artist of the month this MAY 2016: BANDA NI KLEGGY

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Banda ni Kleggy is Kleggy Abaya (vocals), Rye Sarmiento (lead guitar and vocals), Berns Cuevas (rhythm guitars), Bobby Canamo (bass) Raffy Bonifacio (drums)

Everybody loves Kleggy! Well, at least everybody who has seen him perform live as front act for popular bands such as 6cyclemind and Callalily among others. Kleggy, who headlines Banda ni Kleggy, is exciting and different … a good kind of different. He captures his audience even if they have only seen him for the first time and convert them to appreciate his music.

This band has a very impressive lineup since the band is also composed of Rye of 6cyclemind and BBS, Bob of 6cyclemind and seasoned musician Berns Cuevas.

Equally worth anticipating are the band’s songs especially the crowd favorite “Discolamon”, a track which talks about a “Hari ng Dance floor, the most suave dancer who meets and falls in love with the girl of his dreams on the dance floor but only to be broken hearted in the end when the girl eventually stops to show up on their regular dancing rendezvous. The song tackles this tragic situation with funny lyrics and danceable rhythm. The band’s songs are centered into original Filipino music that reflects their varied influences from old disco music of Hotdog to Francis M’s rap music to Eraserheads’ alternative music, APO Hiking’s songs and present day music heroes. Other songs to watch out for are the hiphop rock song “Bawal Sa Gamot”, the tambay song “Walang Wala” and the heart pounding song “Eksperto”. The band’s songs are memorable and relatable to its listeners. They generally talk about everyday life situations but interpreted in a positive and unexpected twist that will leave you feeling good after a listen.

Banda ni Kleggy, after launching their debut album “Only in the Philippines” with their debut single Discolamon under Universal Records, has enjoyed massive airplay in radio stations and has been in the top spot of the MYX Pinoy hit charts. Follow-up singles “Bawal sa Gamot” and “Walang Wala” did not fail to entertain their music fans as well.

Kleggy has also been featured under the Big Band Syndicate’s newest hit song “Darating” with Ney Dimaculangan (former 6cyclemind vocalist) and Dello (one of today’s hottest rapper and flip-top artists). Their song collaboration is currently enjoying massive airplay in local radio stations and has been included in MYX top 10 Pinoy charts for weeks.

Banda ni Kleggy was also chosen to be part of the prestigious PhilPop Music Festival 2013 as interpreter of “Space”, one of the twelve entries in the songwriting competition. They interpret the song together with Callalily’s frontman Kean Cipriano.


With the success of their first album, BNK has come a long way. The band joins in the nationwide tours of GSM, SMB and Coke alongside the best bands in the industry today.

This 2016, Banda ni Kleggy signs with Warner Music for the digital release of their follow-up album “Medyo Serious” featuring the first single “Kurakot” and current single “Pare-pareho”. The song where the respected Bayang Barrios guested is very timely due to its socio-political relevance. The album is under Soupstar Music and will be physically released by Universal Records.

Definitely, with a winning combination of contagious energy onstage and refreshing songs, Banda ni Kleggy is the next best thing that happened to the local music industry!


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