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Sunday Gold

Reminisce the good old days

Acoustic Sessions

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Techno Overdrive

Non-stop disco dance hits

80'S and 90'S

We all love the 80's and 90's

New Wave 101

Non-stop New Wave Hits

Slow Jams

Best sound for your ears

The Morning Cruise

9:00AM-12:00PM Mon, Wed, Fri

The Rock Monster Jam

12:00AM-3:00PM Fri

The Love Coach

12:00PM-3:00PM Sun

Easy Glides

12:00PM-3:00PM Mon - Fri

Today's Best Music

24/7 Daily

Weekly Top 20

9:00PM-12:00AM Sat

Silent Storm

9:00PM-12:00PM Mon - Fri

Music Memories

6:00AM-9:00AM Mon - Fri

Funky Pop Alternative

8:00PM-9:00PM Tue, Thu, Sat

Pop Asia Groove

9:00AM-12:00PM Sat

Heart and Soul

6:00AM-9:00AM Sat

Send in your requests and greet your friends!

Type your greetings and request song in our request box below and we will play it all for you. You may send in your requests in 3 options. If there is no DJ on board use the AUTO DJ request form.

Note: Some songs requested may not be successfully played due to the following:
1. Misspelled artist or song title.
2. Song is not yet available in our song library.

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