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DJ Qualifications:

No need to be on our studio personally. Broadcast remotely from your quite room or a simple home studio setup. Use our DJ server to connect to our main stream and enjoy the opportunity to be heard to thousands of our daily listeners globally! Below are the qualifications and requirements. Please spend time to read.

  1. Age, 18 and above.
  2. With or without background related to broadcasting, eager to learn for more.
  3. Responsible, honest, matured, and dedicated.
  4. Friendly and down to earth, filled with Filipino Culture and christian values in life.
  5. Wide knowledge in music, e.g. music genre, artist and band history/ bios and song information.
  6. Awareness in mixing music from different genres.
  7. Basic technical knowledge in computer.
  8. Basic technical knowledge in audio mixing would be an asset but not required.
  1. A stable internet connection with at least 512kbit of upload speed. Remember, upload speed not download. We do not recommend using wireless connection.
  2. A powerful PC or laptop. Able to handle streaming/broadcasting software, multitask capabilities like downloading mp3's (requested songs) while chatting/video chatting with the online listeners on site.
  3. High quality microphone and a sound card.
  4. Tons of high quality MP3s ripped in highest quality full stereo with minimum bitrate of 192kbps (we recommend 320kbps full stereo), properly tagged e.g. Artist Name - Song Title. Strictly no explicit lyrics on your playlist.
  5. A broadcasting software like Sam Broadcaster, and Skype which will be used for configuring your streaming/broadcasting PC after SAM Broadcaster is installed. Your DJ license key for SAM Broadcaster will be issued after numbers of successful test broadcasts.
  6. Skype and Facebook account for V-hive Radio DJ HQ use only.
USE OUR "CONTACT US" PAGE FOR INQUIRIES OR SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION or Please Email vhiveradio@gmail.com and put "DJ APPLICANT" in the subject.