V-Hive Radio Fan Sign Contest

V-Hive Radio Fan Sign Contest


1. The contest is open to all V-hive Radio Regular Chatters and Listeners of any age.
2. Each participant is entitled to one entry only. For multiple entries, only one entry would qualify.
   Only one entry per participant will be accepted and subjected for assessment by the judges.
   However, there can be more than one participant for each fansign. The fansign project can be a creation of a group.
3. The fansign should be as creative as possible, which means that there won’t be a limit as to the kind of materials to use.
   It can be handwritten or printed. Letter cutouts and photo collage can be used as long as the sign relates to V-hive Radio and its DJs and is visible.
   There won’t be a limit as to the size of the fansign as long as it can be carried by the maker/s.
4. A fansign for a certain DJ is accepted as long as there is a V-hive Radio Logo or written V-hive Radio in the sign.
5. The participant, or participants, has to hold the fansign, and a photograph or video with the participant/s holding the fansign has to be taken.
   Any statement written on sensitive body parts will not be accepted. Fansigns that are deemed offensive and inappropriate will not be considered.
6. Winners will be announced through V-Hive Radio Facebook page and will be posted in V-Hive Radio Website. Winners will also be notified via a personal message on Facebook.
7. The contest runs from April 1 through April 31, 2014. The official announcement of the winners will be on May 1, 2014.

Submission of entry:

1. Visit and “like” V-Hive Radio’ official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VHiveRadio.
2. "Like" the event: V-Hive Radio FANSIGN CONTEST https://www.facebook.com/events/605876466169947/ and JOIN.
3. Upload the fansign on the event wall..
4. Share the photo and invite others to “like” the fansign entry. The more "likes" the fansign entry gathers, the higher the chance to win.

Criteria for judging:

Creativity and presentation 25%
Originality 25%
Social media appeal 25%
Relevance to V-Hive Radio 25%
TOTAL 100%


By joining the fansign contest, all participants agree that V-Hive Radio may opt to display, copy, distribute, and feature their official entries, with proper credits to the respective owners, for different nonprofit advocacy campaigns with the I L.I.K.E. or I L.O.V.E. logo attached as watermark, without any fee or other form of compensation.

All entries by the participants uploaded on V-Hive Radio Facebook page are subject to further review and proper credits.

V-Hive Radio Jive with the Hive PWEDE!

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